Sunday, October 22

Star Wars Hairstyle Kujichagulia (pt 6)

"Luke Skywalker Hairstyle! C'mon let's go with it already! We can't afford for you to be so slow with your message about muscles!!!!! THIS IS THE INTERNET! Things move pretty fast around here! One day you're kujichagulia, the next day you are property of "the Google""

AZ ft M.O.P - Sit em back slow
Ennio Morricone - Valmont's Gogo pad
Electronic - Get the message
Jim Jones ft Daddy Yankee, Tego Calderon, Don Omar - We fly high (Reggaeton remix) (c/o Different Kitchen)

Since I've been dilatory with my posting, please allow me to share some important aspects of the internet that I wish I had already told you about:

Speaking of AZ, I sincerely hope you already heard
AZ on Show Me What You Got
(via Nah Right). The best thing would be if your mom had gave you prenatal exposure to this... I realize that this possibility is only open to our younger readers, but still...

Unofficial Brian Eno albums at the Different Water blog. Brian Eno's pretentiousness is a promising alternative energy source. Powerful and highly octane propel your auto.

Speaking of the power of the pretentiousness, I urge you to join the skafunkrastapunk forum, and then go directly to the thread containing the Wire's 100 records that set the world on fire (while nobody was listening) list. You need to get the Betty Davis and Homosexuals records, especially.

Additionally, please be alerted of the greatest Tube blog, Channel 53. Especially notice this hyperviolent Jim Henson commercial. Channel 53 is operated by John-Michael Bo53ling, who not only finds and shares awesome tubes, he also makes em (e.g., "Church of the future").

Speaking of youtubes: Shoes (thx Mike & Allison)

Also, part of the reason I've been away from my formerly-more-dilligent blogging schedule: I had the honor of making a video for "Uracle" for the forthcoming DVD to accompany "mAan's end", the forthcoming album from Big A, little a. I have learned that videos take longer to make than giffords. Thus less for blogging. Sorry. I promise to get back to Luke Skywalker Hairstyle's Myomania very soon. Or eventually at least.
Anyway here is the video:
Uracle on youtube
Uracle on quicktime

Please note that compressing this video into a YouTubual YouTubule has obscured many of its more important aspects, so I hope that if you can make time for the download that you will go for the quicktime version. Also please scroll past this next gifford to read the write-up I wrote to clarify the symbolism contained thereupon clearly. Frequent readers of this blog will already know how I love clarity.

"I didn't know what uracle was, so I decided to pretend it was similar to an oracle, but instead of telling the future (or that U R the one), it would tell about the very distant past -- the ur-past. So I based the video on the sculptures at the end of "At the mountains of madness" by HP Lovecraft. In my version, Michael J Fox, Michael A Fox, and Michael K Fox are the "Old ones," pentagram-headed aliens who colonized the earth and created the animals. Also they fought
other awesome aliens. Their weapon I am calling the "Warararararabesque," which is an arabesque based on Penrose tiling with pentagons & pentagrams. One of their enemies, the Cthulhu, is represented by Michael Q Fox, Michael U Fox, and Michael 2 Fox, made from a picture of a star-nosed mole. And the other enemy I show is the Mi-go, as Michael E Fox, Michael Z Fox, and Michael Z Fox, which is from a young picture of Alfred Hitchcock (from).
Thanks to Aa for making such an awesome song and letting me do a video, and thanks Lev & Whitney for putting together the DVD. This is my first video!"