Thursday, February 24


Yesterday I entered a remix contest for Jason Forrest AKA Donna Summer's radio show, advanced dungeons and dragons. The original track is a revolting abomination of generic samples and sort of pseudo-coverings of pop songs. Somehow, the original artist (the so-called "Master Genius") decided that Hang On Sloopy + You Really Got Me + Superfreak + some crappy cowbells + laser sounds was a formula for success. My guess is that dude did too many yayo-influenced headspins and developed some kind of prefrontal pathology.

I worked on this remix for a while, and yet it is not very good.. But oh well, here it is anyways.
remix of Master Genius ft Jason Forrest & Drop the Lime

The "featureds" referred to above are the two dudes talking on the radio show, taped from the real audio stream . It is highly conceptual that I sampled the contest-thrower & adjudicator and put it on the remix, no?



Anonymous Dr Ess said...

on my little computer speakers that sounds awesome. i will put it on my iPod and bust it on the aeroplane. pity you didn't put it up earlier or i could have rolled down the windows and rocked Oklahoma like they never knew they could

7:15 PM  

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