Tuesday, March 1

Thanks, saw my pimp today.


Ok, contrary to what you might think, Wils didn't make the bigface benjamins he's holding by selling his ass. But as lucky as he got, I kinda have to suspect that he sold his soul to the devil.

How lucky was he? Playing 3-card poker, dude got the 7,8, & 9 of hearts twice in five hands. This site says the probability of a straight flush in 3-card poker = 0.0022. And according to my calculations, that makes getting the SAME STRAIGHT FLUSH twice = NO FUCKING WAY!


If I was Egon, I'd be like, "If this twinkie represents the probability of not getting a hand without pairs, the probability of not getting the same straight flush twice in five hands would = a twinkie the size of Big Pun, if Big Pun had eaten Fat Joe, all 3 Fat Boys, Heavy D, Chubb Rock, The Boo-yah Tribe, and Utah."

And then, if I was Ray, I'd be like "That's a big twinkie!"

Sike, I'm just playin'. Wils rules, and an event as unlikely as the twinkie described hypothetically above couldn't have happened to a nicer dude.

In honor of my recently-stag-nighted, soon-to-be-married friends I would also like to post 3 of my most favorite mpfrees:
Cam'ron - Champions
High Rise - Turn you cry
Terminal11 - C'est What


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