Friday, November 3

Star Wars Hairstyle Kujichagulia (pt 7)

Wiley - Pump up tone up
Dizzee Rascal - Ice rink

Luke Skywalker Hairstyle is missing the muscles! It's because kujichagulia came to Luke Skywalker Hairstyle before he was ready, beheading and disembodying his hair right at the point on the DVD when he had decided to become a Jedi, but before he had actually done anything besides get zapped by Obi-wan's robot. So now not muscular, no mitochondrion count, nothing, no force. And he doesn't subscribe to Princess Leia Hairstyle's leadership platform. Feeling forceless and disempowered, a hopeless headless hairstyle.

"I mean.... SHIT! What if I die and have a seizure?!? It's not like I would even swallow my tongue muscles because don't have any, but still would you stick a wallet in my mouth? Who's gonna give you the money with no muscles? What else is the Leader of the Star Wars Hairstyles gonna do besides lie to me, huh?

Zach Hill & Mick Barr - Bellhopper's tongue
JME - Final boss

Princess Leia Hairstyle mutely receives Luke Skywalker Hairstyle's scorn. Better to let him get it all out.

(Better Know Boy Better Better Better Know. Please keep up w/ the tunnel vision. Look at how far behind you've already fallen. A positive first step would be to scour this Roll Deep barefile)

(Also, all muscles used in this and subsequent posts are from "Muscles in motion" by Glenn Fabry)


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