Saturday, September 30

Star Wars Hairstyle Kujichagulia (pt 5)

"Hello, what have we here?

"A hairstyle that's addicted to muscle? I don't get it!"

Jim Jones ft Max B - Beverly Hills Cop
(Why, Max, WHY?!?)

"Yeah, me neither," said Han Solo Hairstyle, shrugging his shoulders(or rather shrugged the phantom shoulders still represented somewhere in his hair(he's an autonomous hairstyle, remember? so no shoulders),

"People can choose to do what they want to do, and you can choose to help us Luke Skywalker Hairstyle, not just sit there and wish you had some muscles. Imagine what it might mean to Jerry Seinfeld hairstyle if we don't help?!? I just don't get it!

"I mean, having no muscles doesn't mean you're defenseless! Lando Calrissian Hairstyle terminates each of his hair-strands with a cnidocyte! Try getting stuck with some o' that toxin and then try to tell me that a hairstyle with no muscles isn't tough! We're all tough with no muscles! Right, Leia Hairstyle?!"
The Slits- Kill them with love

Don't talk to Princess Leia Hairstyle right now she is soooo frustrated with Luke Skywalker Hairstyle. Can't we just assassinate him? No, don't even think like that, he's a hairstyle, one of us.

Les Rallizes Desnudes - Night of the assassins

"Luke Hairstyle, none of us understand what you're going through... Maybe if you could explain we could maybe help you."


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