Thursday, June 29

Prince, reduced to a symbol, invents strategies to avoid a deficit (pt 22)

"Here are your new glasses, Burt Young."

The Sam's Club doorman can't cope with Burt Young now. "I don't see what you see."

Keak Da Sneak - Know what I'm talkin bout

Future Sound of London - Eyes Pop - Skin Explodes - Everybody Dead
The doorman couldn't forsee being eradicated by Burt executing the secret Flying Hamburger Morrocan Dutchman Leg-Attack strategy secret.

Burt presents Sam's with a fait accompli.
They need a doorman, to check i.d.'s.
So now, Burt Young'll sit by the door.
Guess what that does for Prince?David Banner ft Yola da Great - Get money
40 Cal - For tha love of money
40 Cal - Paid in full

Deficit avoided: Prince, via Burt Young, now controls who gets into Sam's. And that's also why Sam's club is so full of symbols whenever you go to shop there. But Prince is no longer 'just' a symbol. THE END


Anonymous mcM├╝ller said...

particularly nice crop'v animations

8:46 AM  
Anonymous rrrrrrrrr said...

Keak Stalin Svankmeyer Meltbrain!

6:12 PM  

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