Wednesday, March 9



Oooo Sting, you're such a tough guy. Could anybody be less intimidating brandishing an alien knife blade? Who the hell could he beat in a fight? ...


C'mon Sting, I don't care if he looks like a midget just kicked him in the kidneys, Agent Cooper is still gonna destroy you!

Shit. Dune coulda really been such a great movie if not for Dino Delaurentiis's punk ass.

Anyways, way more intimidating than Sting is the lineup on the following :
The Game is Over - Scarface Ft Too Short, Dr. Dre, & Ice Cube!!!!

This line-up is too tight, the beat is Dre, with some guitars that are all about some espionage. Plus there's this synth at the end that's like weeeeeEeEEeeEEEEEEEeeeEEEEEEEEEEE! THAT"S RIGHT!

What could possibly be more intimidating than that Ice Cube hook, praying for the lord to burn his enemies? This:

These are termites of the soldier caste. By virtue of the large nozzle on their heads, they are called "nasute soldiers". Do their heads not look like the deadliest things on the earth?!?! And these fuckers shoot POISON GLUE accurately at distances of many centimeters? That's far for a termite you skeptical bitches!!! Plus they are B-L-I-N-D! Wha?!?! Could there possibly be a mpfree tuff enuff to warrant being so closely juxtaposed with such awesomeness? Somehow, the answer is yes:

Body Music Electronic - Hard Off

This track comes from V/Vm Test Records where you can buy the compilation, as well as download a dizzying array of free mpfrees of high caliber. More Hard Off tracks can be found here . Hurry up click that link fool!

But what are you doing here, though? There are several web sites that are very much better: especially: this'n, where you can currently download an amazing japanese noise track and a track in which a popular dancehall riddim is recapitulated rather faithfully from samples of dogs.... For real..


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