Wednesday, November 8

Star Wars Hairstyle Kujichagulia (pt 9)

In a well-intentioned but very futile gesture of empowerment, Han Solo Hairstyle, in lieu of muscle, offered Luke Skywalker Hairstyle a robot's arm connected to a neural prosthesis connected to a rabbit's hamburger hat.

JME ft Skepta - Don't get rude
JME - 96 Bars of revenge
Uusitalo - Lumimies
Luomo - Wanna tell

"I wanna tell you something, Mr. Han Solo Hairstyle. I have no brains plug into which to plug your prosthesis nor a head with which to rock the hamburger. That's a real nice gesture, but at the end of the day, it's still a robot... You see what I mean? Where's my muscles? I can't forget to not want to just be hair."

(I also wanna tell you how much I wanna emphasize to you how much you should be fucking with JME right now... Not the least reason for which is that he is autogiffordizing (check out his picture page (e.g., this Hasselhoffian one, and also especially this one with the Tom-Cruise-vs-Oprah Dark Side of the Force Finger lasers )) on his MySpace!!)

(Also: SHUT OUT!)
(Also: Important Weeziana. Does he remind anybody else of the Cryptkeeper (in the best possible way?)?)


Anonymous paaaaak said...

yo dood... paaaaak here. a peter gabriel tune was playing while i was staring at your giffords and it was a nice match. it was called "i have the touch" circa 1990.

11:32 PM  

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