Tuesday, September 19

Star Wars Hairstyle Kujichagulia (pt 4)

"Luke Hairstyle! Luke hairstyle! O why can't you just be a man and stop crying?!?! You're an autonomous hairstyle goddamit. I'm acting manly and I'm a goddammm girl's hairstyle: your twin sister hairstyle! Remember?"

Ludacris - He man
(Luda c/o NahRight;
Skeletor c/o He-man blog (c/oMBS))

"C'MON LUKE HAIRSTYLE! Our mission is clear! We have to do it!"


"Luke hairstyle,","what the fuck are you some kind of hippy? Maybe you need to do some yoga, listen to some sitars, realign your shakiras or whatever, then maybe can we get on this mission?"

Lamonte Young ft Pandit Pran Nath - Raga for Ravi (RapidCher link)
(extremely hippie vibes c/o ClassicalConnect)

"NOOOOOO!!!! "

Mac Mall - Shakin' in the alley

"Are you some kind of hippie junky, Luke Hairstyle?","you're shaking like you're so afraid, like you're strung out on fear with the DTs. But wait, if you're addicted to fear, and you have the shakes, a well-characterized withdrawal symptom, that means that you are without fear. Which means.... LUKE HAIRSTYLE,", "ARE YOU NOT AFRAID!?!"

"No, I'm not afraid."

"Then what are you really addicted to? What is making your hairstyle shake to & fro?"

"IDON'THAVEANYMUSCLES!!!!!!" he screamed, because he was just a hairstyle, addicted to muscle.


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