Tuesday, June 20

Prince, reduced to a symbol, invents strategies to avoid a deficit (pt 21)

"Now. Let's test those eyes now. Now."
Burt Young was a little bit afraid of this eyetest. The Sam's eye Dr. didn't have the best eyechartside manner. Furthermore, his voice was reverbatory (his british accent had a british accent) and also he looked like this:

Maybe not the ideal situation for an eyetest, but what was he gonna do? He was there.

Derek Bailey & Squarepusher - Live track

"All right then. Our first test is called 'the midbrain test'. I want you to focus on the column of 'midbrains'."

"Are you looking at the 'midbrains'? Ok. Now, focus on the lower part of the column of 'midbrains'. I want you to notice the illusion of downward slinky-motion in the column. Did you notice that? Good. Now I want you to slowly scan your eyes upward, until you reach the line at which the slinky-motion appears to reverse direction, so it at this point starts to slinky upward. Do you see that? Good, now, to the best of your abilities, I want you to move your eyes inside and outside of that line, & read the two lines of text immediately above & below the line at which the slinky-motion flips directions."

Prince - Cross the line

"Ok," Burt responded,"I think it says:
= Some type of sea-creature
= Deer that ma
Thoracic portion of the spinal column
Dignified mid-victorian gentlemen, grotesque"

"Interesting!" said in a British accent.

"Ok. Next question:
For how long can you look at this:

TV-Resistori - Pong a long

Before Burt could answer, the picture disappeared, quickly to be replaced by another image of text:

"The jaws are coming! The Jaws are coming:

Yungstar - Paul Revere freestyle

"Are the jaws coming?"

"Uh, yes?" tentatively answered Burt.

"Bravo! Your diagnosis appears quite unambiguously! Last question: whose face do you see in this picture:

"That's your face, Dr."

"Huzzah! You really answered those questions splendidly. And I know just what kind of glasses you need! I'll go and fetch them. I'll be right back.


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