Tuesday, March 22

like an 18-wheeler with a drunk driver drivin, there's no survivin

Do you fully appreciate the extent to which pop hip hop permeates the zeitgeist? I doubt that you do. Click that semi above, and learn something for a change. Then go visit my friends, 2 points of light that are awesome

What if I was a truck driver? I would hook it up with a system with a response function that would rival an elephant's vocal chords in terms of infrasonic capability. And then I would listen to the mpfrees linked below, repeatedly, and I would memorize them by rote, and then I would intone the lyrics through my CB mouthpiece in a somber baritone.
Hurricane Duck E - DJ Screw
Hurricane Duck G - DJ Screw

And while we're kicking the truth to the YOUTH
we say hey YOUTH, here's the truth:
better start wearin BULLETPROOF.
R.I.P. O.D.B.

And, holy shit are you going to this:
"Friday March 25th 9pm: Rock Out w/o yr Cock Out w/ Nedelle (KRS), Mind Your Pig LaToya, Retrievers (a side project of Deerhoof), and Blevin Blectum. Rock Out w/o yr Cock Out is a monthly queer and progressive rock and experimental noise event showcasing women and transgendered musicians in the bay area and beyond the final friday of every month. Come support women and transgendered musicians, eat some fish and chips, have a beer, and come see some kick ass performances for $5. at Edinburgh Castle (950 Geary) " ?


Caution: Do not click this'n without a barf bag handy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving me something to do at work . . . . hmmm . . . transexuals, sounds fun!

4:05 PM  

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