Monday, April 24

Prince, reduced to a symbol, invents strategies to avoid a deficit (pt 12)

Burt Young, after Prince had implanted a secret, subliminal, secret Apple II++++ ++computer+++, non-candy-item-palatability-enhancement, interpretive-dance-imagery series, stared blankly back-and-forth as he shook his head between parallel and perpendicular with the highly-stacked aisles of Sam's Club's savings.

"Ok, Burt," Prince advised, "Now you have to go shop for some non-candy-related items. All that candy'll rot your teeth." And when Burt, still dazzled by the presence of so much inexpensive candy, failed to respond, he yelled, "Seriously. Scram! Put a egg in your shoe and beat it. Anybody there? HELLO? I said beat it!"
Keak da Sneak - Beat it
Keak da Sneak - Hello
Matmos- Roses and Teeth for Ludwig Wittgenstein

(go to the Matmos news page if you want to read about their wisdomteeth-and-rose-sound-mediated-text-accompaniment strategy, and if you want to read about an Alan Turing-tested (Mother-approved) performance they performed for some folks who are hella good at maths.)

And so, Burt did as Prince told him, and began to shop outside of the Sam's candy section.

example, Burt Young found himself attracted to the Blue gatorade, or at least Prince's interpretive dance which in Burt Young's mind was representing blue gatorade.

Big Youth - Sky Juice
Prince - Computer Blue (extended jam demo version)
X Japan - Blue Blood
(Also: unrelated but very important: 6 lectures by Borges)


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