Tuesday, March 7

Prince, reduced to a symbol, invents strategies to avoid a deficit (pt 2)

Prince Prince Prince Prince Prince Prince....

Prince needed to supplement his income, because how are you gonna sell some records when you are a symbol? So he developed some strategies. I will tell you about the strategies now, but suffice it to say that, because it's Prince, you don't need a psychic friend to tell you that he'll've produced many powerfully productive strategies.

Prince - Crystal Ball

Strategy #1 Underseahorse Pimpin
Prince - Pussy control (remix)

However much easier for a pimp the Academy of Motion Picture Art and Sciences may have made it out here (on dry land), don't ever misunderestimate the difficulty of pimping seahorse whores down there (under the sea). I can't even say "seahorse whores" without making people think I'm echolalic! Prince had the useful idea of eliding it to "seaho's". But have you ever tried to tell a horny seaho anything? You can't turn a seaho into a unicorn! Where does the ovipositor go? I'm saying: it's hard to do. But of course Prince made it look easy, and on top of that it was lucrative.

Strategy #2 Interior Decorating

Prince also made a foray into interior decorations. Here he was not so much financially successful, but not through any fault of his own; Prince's performance was unimpeachable!

Saigon, dead prez, Immortal Technique - Impeach the President (produced by Green Lantern)

Prince's interior decorations, pictures of impossibly desirable rooms drawn onto the inner walls of the rooms he was hired to decorate, usually went over his clients' heads.
Juelz - Did you miss me? pt 2
The problem was, Prince was just trying to decorate the interior of their minds! Silly him!

Strategy #3 will be the focus of the rest of the posts in this series. For now I will tell you that this strategy was a bonanza jackpot, attracting a clientele of supreme celebrities:

Prince - My name is Prince (12" club mix)


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