Sunday, March 12

Prince, reduced to a symbol, invents strategies to avoid a deficit (pt 4)

Prince - My name is Prince (12" club mix)


In the Sam's Club parking lot, Burt Young was really scared and could feel his limbs tremble. He was scared that maybe Prince's barcodes wouldn't get him into the Sam's Club and the savings therein.

Prince - Batdance (Vicki Vale remix)

"Waitaminute. Why am I so scared?" thought Burt Young,

"I may only be betatesting Prince's pluspluPrinceplus computer barcode fakery, but I'm sure Prince got it right on the first try. He's Prince! Plus, I know he needs the money since the record companies turned him into a symbol and he needs to buy the materials to build a robot band so he can rescue his gynandomorphic offspring from Bill Gates and Michael Eisner! So whadda I worry about?!!? Huh? Prince knows what he knows about! HA!"

J.R. Writer ft Slim Thug - This shit is funny
J.R. Writer ft Juelz - What you know about crack

So, he sequestered his stress hormones
and approached the doorman.

But then he remembered something Prince said he heard about the doorman:

"'"Watch out for the doorman. He doesn't look insignificant!"'"


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