Monday, April 17

Prince, reduced to a symbol, invents strategies to avoid a deficit (pt 11)

Β Y got so roped in to the nerd ropes, Prince had to send him a lifeline (that is, via the bar code on Β Y's counterfeit membership card,
hesent Β Y a secret Apple II++ computer+ intintrointronet polymer message
Prince - Rope of silicon

"Bert," Prince said, "Β Y.... I don't know y u have so much extra love for candy, why candy makes you such a weak piggie eater. I mean, damn, I knew you had a sweet tooth, but y are Sam's big, cheap boxes of candy so irresistably palatable 2 U? I know you love candy and I respect your love of candy, but damn I need you to look at Sam's other products, too."

& so, right there on the spot, Prince invented a brand-new secret cheat code -- a secret Apple II++++ ++computer+++ subliminal associational behavioral correctional strategy.

Via the bar code on Β Y's counterfeit membership card, bypassing Burt's eyes, his LGN, his conscious mind, etc... (eliminating the middle man, if you will), Prince sent a symbol directly into Burt Young's subconscious mind

Prince - Ronnie, talk to Russia

The symbol he sent, , immediately established an association between each of Sam's Club's non-candy products and an interpretive dance by Prince Thenceforth, each of Sam's Club's non-candy products would be symbolized in Burt Young's subconsciousness by a unique interpretive dance by Prince, thus elevating said products palatability, and counterbalancing that of Sam's bulk candy products. This will, obviously, immensely elevate Burt Young's betatesting game.

Cam'ron - Elevator music freestyle

"Ok, Burt, you should be all set now... And don't worry, if you run into any more trouble, I will help you out. I've got my eyes on you.


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