Wednesday, March 1

Where is Michael McDonald? (pt 9)

Marisa's secret yodel said: "You can find Michael McDonald in a plane," so I'm goin there, flying in a plane:

It should be easy because flying in planes is actually easy.

X Japan - Easy fight rambling

But the plane should be sleek, but not too sleek too discourage imitation because the more copies of the plane, the better able I will be to fly in a plane of planes:

Schlammpeitziger - Hydraulicmeisters Halbtagstanz

Actually wait I may be in this over my head. Because I think maybe in a plane of planes there are embedded yaw peristalsis

fuselage pumps beyond the point where I can really see enough to blog about it or look out the window.

Mac Dre - She only sees me
Mac Dre - Out there
("Now you stuck in it/ ain't got no luck in it/ tryin to put the whip on it and extra stuff in it")

I think I'll just look at my maps. It has nice colors, and maybe Michael McDonald is on the map.

Lupe Fiasco - Tilted in any colour you like

(PINK FLOYD! REVENGE OF THE NERDS! Get the Lupe Fiasco mixtape from which this comes, plus 2 more, at Smoking Section)

Actually, I don't mind looking out the window, it's ok. I'm glad I did, because even though I usually think the natural boring, killer is how I would describe the view from up here.

Ice Cube & Dr. Dre - Natural born killaz (screwed & chopped by DJ Screw)
(This comes from 10201, available here).

And, I found something very important from looking out the window.

I found the skull of Genghis Khan's pet panther!

Yeah clearly this panther skull belonged to Genghis Khan's panther because the dentition is certainly unmistakable.

I took the skull to the Bone Trade, to see what kind of Michael McDonald information barters I could broker in exchange for this valuable skull of a pet of a former conqueror. I didn't find any Michael McDonald secrets, but I did learn a new story about Prince. I can't tell you the story right now. I'll blog the story onto the computer internets when I come back from vacation, 3 weeks hence at the beginning of March.


Blogger The Lossy Video Group said...

You make the internet a good place to be. Can't wait for the next michealmcdonaldpricegiffordism.

10:24 PM  
Anonymous JAaaAaaa said...

bon voyage DUDE

12:17 PM  
Blogger M¬ĘBROWN said...

the running man in the center of the first link [fuselagepumps] is haunting me deeply.

10:07 PM  

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