Monday, May 15

Prince, reduced to a symbol, invents strategies to avoid a deficit (pt 16)

Burt young pressed his fake Sam's card flush against his temple, and thought, loudly, "Prince Prince PRINCE, help me!
Prince - If I could get your attention

Deez nuts are killin me! Prince, I know you already know: once you eat one peanut, you triple up and eat three more. After which it just gets viciouslier exponentiallier: peanut times three to the peanut power (ie, Δdeeznuts = peanut*3peanutpower)"
Cam'ron ft 40 Cal - Triple Up

"What'll that do to my health, my salary, my personality? My smooth musculature?!?!"

Cam'ron - I.B.S.

(hereby my review© of Killa Season, as follow:
-I need to see this film 10-100 more times before I write a review of this film
-in the littany of diagnostic technologies Cam recites in I.B.S., when he says "M.I.R.", he is not referring to the kommiekosmonaut space station, I don't think.
-besides, my best friend Takashi Miike has declassified a special secret collabrosecret® to me. He's doing the sequel, Killa Season 12: Season the Killa Killa, a preview of which a preview you are now looking at a preview12 of:)

Mac Dre ft E-40 - Let yourself go
Mac Dre - Get dookie wid it (cheers to)
Why is Prince forsaking Burt, his betatester? That voice in Burt's mind telling himself to let himself go & get dookie wid it on some peanuts is not the voice of Prince, I don't think.


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