Wednesday, May 3

Prince, reduced to a symbol, invents strategies to avoid a deficit (pt 13)

Still thirsty after drinking some awesome arctic blue gatorade, Burt Young wondered, " I wonder what else there is to drink around here? I feel like I need some lemonade in my body, that's what I feel like!"

Prince - I wonder u
Mac Dre ft Keak da Sneak - Out my body

Strangely, Burt Young found that Sam's club had neither lemonade or lemons to squeeze into lemonade. Yet they did carry some special-Sam's-club-design (ie, really huge) fresh-squeezed lemonade cups. Which just goes to show: when Sam's Club doesn't give you lemons to squeeze, they will give you a really big cup to catch the juice when life (ie, another retailer) gives you lemons, and you respond accordingly.

Angelo Badalamenti - Freshly squeezed

(Also: speaking of which, do you remember how I used to squeeze Michael McDonald into my blog a lot, but haven't lately? Well, in addition to bringing you the hard-breaking story about Sam's and Burt Young and Prince, I've been multitasking, in fact multiblogging, secretly, trying to find Michael McDonald.

But I still haven't found him. But I am now ready to share my futile search results with you and the internet via my new secret blog (WARNING: this blog will take a looong time to load -- I made a lot of secret Google search queries about MMcD & his whereabouts, and thus a commensurately high gifford density.)

And this secret blog is brought to you in part by Marisa, who has put together a GIF show in the Rx Gallery in San Francisco, where they will be showing my secret new blog (perhaps, if resources allow, projecting it onto a large wall even). Here's some more info about the show. A bunch of other people are in the show too, including Michael Bell-Smith, AND the powpowpowpowerpowpowerpowpowpowestful Paper Rad, by whom by the way is this DVD trailer.

The opening is tonight from 6-10, and you should go even if you don't like Michael McDonald or the internet, because Eats Tapes are playing a set with video-accompaniment by Nate Boyce. Plus isn't it funny that they're putting my giffords in a gallery?


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