Friday, May 5

Prince, reduced to a symbol, invents strategies to avoid a deficit (pt 14)

"WHOA! Look at the bargain DVD's!! This is the life! Is this place heaven or what? A guy could get used to beta testing around here!"

Prince - Alphabet st.

Prince - A place in heaven

Burt Young is getting cocky. He thinks being able to not shop compulsively for candy makes him a good man. Conveniently for his self-esteem, he's forgetting that Prince had implanted a secret, subliminal, secret Apple II++++ ++computer+++, non-candy-item-palatability-balance, interpretive-dance-imagery series into his mind, and that's the only reason why he can resist the urge to go for the sweets.

(At the exact same instant, I am wondering if it makes me a good internet to reciprocate a link from a superior website (such as one which samples a word from this blog's title to instigate a neonatal-mammal-fight, or a very superior website sampling the title of this post-series but using it to describe petrol politicking) but then I remember how Prince sampled Ice Cube, when Ice Cube was bragging about the proximity of his real estate to Prince's, and I realize - not only is my internet altruism self-serving, it is also unoriginal. But then again at least I am copying off Prince which is more than can be said for you).
Prince - The Good Life (Big City remix)
Moe Moe - Good Man


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