Monday, September 11

Star Wars Hairstyle Kujichagulia (pt 3)

Wiley - Crash Bandicoot freestyle
Theatre of Eternal Music - B Flat Dorian Blues 19 X 63 (5th Day Of The Hammer)
Aural Fit - Sensory Deprivation
Han Solo Hairstyle isn't much of a decider. How could he be? In the Star Wars films, Han Solo vacillated between selfishness and altruism. These flip-flop tendencies have only multiplied and magnified since he became a headless hairstyle. AND, Han Solo Hairstyle is parted in the middle!!

The left side and right side of Han Solo Hairstyle can't agree what to do!

Han Solo Hairstyle's right side'll say: "I wanna be a pirate ship!"

& then the left'll say, "I wanna be a MOUSTACHE!" A little inconducive to productivity, no?

Wiley ft Rage & Esco & Jammer & Scorcher & Gods Gift - 16 Bar Rally

Luckily, Princess Leia Hairstyle has the leadership & charisma to rally Han Solo Hairstyle to get things done. Also because maybe he still wants to carnal knowledge her.


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