Monday, June 12

Prince, reduced to a symbol, invents strategies to avoid a deficit (pt 20)

Burt Young attempts to crawl into a betamax videocassette

Crawling unsuccessfully, as it happens.
"Sir what are you doing?" asked a Sam's employee.
Burt didn't want to tell her what he was really doing -βeta-testing Prince's new $-strategy (counterfeit Sam's cards), and getting caught betatesting by Carl Weathers,

and how Carl earthquaked his (βurt's) face like dum didi dum dum bubba bubba bah bah, beating on him like he was trying to give him (βurt) cosmetic brain surgery from the outside, with fists -- so he didn't tell her, instead he kept trying to climb into the βmax.

The Pack ft Too $hort - Dum Didi Dum
Lil B from The Pack - Earthquake
Pierre Henry - Cortical Art III (partie II) (this is a rapidshare link b/c big)
(The 1st 2 mpfrees are by The Pack AKA The Wolfpack , and I picked em up at a heavily Bayestriated blog called two bees in a bucket. I hope dude doesn't mind, maybe that's bad but I was absent on the day they taguht inertnet ettiquette and besides these tracks go dumb for dummies, and also you can download this whole mixtape. In the 3rd mpfree that's Pierre Henry performing live, converting electro-encephalographic readouts into a lot of good synth-bleeps)

"Sir we don't sell betamax at Sam's. I'm going to have to ask you to leave."
And it looked like Burt would have to leave, thus failing Prince. But instead a man with a white labcoat, British accent, and wierd face interceded:

"No, I don't think he needs to leave. I think this man needs help. I'm the eye Dr. at Sam's, and you look like your eyes need some help. Let's roll back to my eyecharts and see what you don't see."

Mr. Magic ft 8ball, David Banner - Let's Roll


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