Tuesday, March 29

I aint Mariah, bitch I'm the messiah


Found this one by accident today, slsking "UGK", the Texas duo of Bun B and Pimp C, whom a casual inspection of this blog will reveal have become my favorite rappers (and who are also quite high-rated elsewhere on the blogosphere):

Tough Guy - Outkast ft UGK

What could possibly outshine Big Boi's verse, gangsta bravado gracefully stumbling out all around the beat? Oh wait, I know -- how about Bun's intricate internal rhyme schemes - listen to what he's saying, and then imagine trying to transcribe it. Where does one line end and the next begin? I mean, what more can I say besides "holy shit," and show you a lovely picture of a large termite mound?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

That termite mound looks huge--how do they do it? The camera angle exaggerates the size for sure but it still looks huge--and scary. Termites only look cute when magnified.

1:47 PM  
Blogger Brewmaster said...

Well on an aeroplane I watched Most ExxTreme Animals and termites were voted most exxtreme animals of all, because of their mounds, which if we were to build them would reach to the moon and back. Begs the question - could termite build a rocket to the top of their mound? I don't think so - maybe not so extreme as we think. I also look pretty cute when magnified.

3:42 PM  

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