Friday, January 13

Where is Michael McDonald? (pt 1)

Sorry for not posting for a while. I was focused on developing some new secret Google secret internet mannerisms, to help reveal where Michael McDonald is, and my efforts have been futility upon futility. I don't want to talk too much about my failures, so I will summarize the bad news in a nutshell: Still no sign of Michael McDonald! Before I was really worried about Mike, but now I'm really really worried.

Cam'ron ft McGruff - Pain & Agony
Cam'ron & Juelz - Here we go

I am listening to old Dipset to empower my secret Google cheat codes, and also to make me feel better.

Dipset - I Really Mean It radio freestyle


I am also getting supplemental secret Google assistance from listening the new Boris album, which is very powerful despite being guitars' music.
Boris - 俺をすてたところ


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