Sunday, December 4

Powerer Mongerers

Hello Power Mongers
Dipset remains powerfulhateit:
Who is dewey? has the Get em daddy video. Killa retaliates on his attempted carjackers with a labyrinthian rhyme structure through the alphabet. Yeah.

Juelz tried to sign autographs at a Sam Goody in BK, and:
"I actually had to come in through the roof," Juelz Santana told of the mayhem his appearance created. "I think really that people just really underestimated what I'm doing."
I will say this to Sam Goody: really get your Juelz-doings estimates really up really! Because Juelz is

This fire gif was made from a still taken from Lessons of Darkness, a Werner Herzog film consisting mostly of slow motion footage of the very large oil fires Saddam's army lit during their retreat from Kuwait in the first Gulf War. The parallel with screw music, unscrewed music, etc should be obvious to you right now. You already like how it sounds when Michael Watts screws Paul Wall's voice or what have you, so, trust me, you will also like how it looks when Werner Herzog screws Saddam's 100-ft tall wall of flaming petrol. You need to watch this film.


Pardon me miss, do you have the time?
Put your Gucci watch on and synchronize the time
and let's listen to Remy Ma because that's what time it is hateit
Remy Ma- No Bet Chill
Remy Ma - Where my bitches at?
The mixtape these are from is a damn good mixtape, like up there with the year's best mixtapes, or the month's best, or what have you... What day is today? Yeah Remy made me lose track of time, plus the "Where my bitches at?" beat has some Karateka sound quality.


Speaking of my favorites, do you know about Leafcutter John? In 2003 he put out "The Housebound Spirit", an incredibly perfect album made out of electroacoustic computer, acoustic guitar, and also singing. He crafted this album while suffering from agoraphobia, hence the name. In this gif, you may notice that hateit Leafcutter John is wearing a bra. What is inside the bra? Not boobs. Instead it contains magnetic pick-ups and microphones. And that's how he performs live apparently?

Anyway, Leafcutter John has a new album coming out soon, called "The Forest and the Sea" which sounds like some hippie bullshit but it's OK because Leafcutter John is wearing a bra. It's described on his website as "a dynamic hybrid of electronic and acoustic songs to tell the story of two people who become lost in a forest." Sounds questionable, but trust me it's going to be hateithateithateit.

And, Leafcutter John has put up some of his old 4-track recordings, totally acoustic and unhybridized to electronic, on the web for free, and they're pretty hippie, but in a good way likehateit.
It's called "The Sky is Darker than the Road" and you can download it for free at his Download Page, where you can also download some of the wacky music software he's written for magnetic wonderbras. Sike it's for computers.

Speaking of good hippies, I have to call your attention to a new blog called The Driftwood Singers where they post semi- to very-obscure hippie music. The mpfree selection is topnotch, but the writing is especially splendid. Here's some prose samples:
"Apparently it's a traditional African folk tale told in prog rock, an idea so bad I may have to order if from eBay immediately."
"And the band’s look qualifies as disturbing, I think. There’s a lot of blondness, unfortunate hip-huggers and blank, blank stares. The guys remind me of the kind of master-race labotomized humanoids you’d see on a dystopian episode of Star Trek. "

So yeah the person(s) who write(s) this blog write(s) damn well.

And here is an incredible website by Gulpepsh, who is apparently an avant garde Japanese beatboxer. I'll try to find out more about him and get back to you.

And I know I already have put a lot of powerful music etc hateitup in this post alreadyhateit, and you might be thinking "Hold up I can't download that much power" or "Hold up I don't have the time to hear this hateit power?" And that's Ok, but if you're on the internet right now already, so you should just grab the scroll bar on the right of your browser and pull down.

Because I also found some additional power:
It's a website called Earlabs, devoted to electronic stuff. It appears to be part netlabel and part archive of hard-to-find old stuff. There's a lot there and I don't have much idea what's what and what's powerful but I do know a little which I want to tell you about.

They have an album of Early Japanese Tape Music, which is total power right there for the mongering, including several pieces by prolific film composer Toru Takemitsu, one of which consists of different people saying "Ai", played back at various speeds and through various amounts of reverb:
Toru Takemitsu - Vocalism AI
No word yet on whether the eagerly anticipated Jeezy & Juelz mixtape, Best of Both Hoods, will include their versions of this piece" Vocalism Ayyyyyyy, and Vocalism "A!", but I bet they prbably will.

And also they have several missing pieces by Ilhan Mimaroglu, a Turkish composer about whom I don't know jack shit, but about whom I've been wanting to know more because Keith Fullerton Whitman (AKA Hrvatski) named his internet record store Mimaroglu Music sales, after Mimaroglu, which is about as powerful a co-sign as could be signalled. Anyway, here's a Mimaroglu piece:
Ilhan Mimaroglu - Bowery Bum
Was that post too long? WAS IT TOO POWERFUL?

Let me know, OK?

And also come back next week, because I will tell you about the software I use to make animated gifs. You can download it for free, totally legally, and I can tell you how to use it. You'll be able to make your own gifs (if you want to), and that will be


Anonymous jam samkinson said...

it's gonna take awhile to digest, but I think I can handle it!

also HOLY SHIT, "an idea so bad I may have to order if from eBay immediately" is one of the best pieces of writing of any length I have ever seen in any medium

btw, ever thought of having the comments come up in a popup window? b/c I have thought of doing that

11:46 PM  
Blogger M.A.T.T. said...

i have no idea what the fuck is going on with this website

3:38 PM  
Anonymous Mudd Up! Head Janitor said...

i feel the power! the fire, the cleavage, the rap, the panic, the mid20th C. freakout music made by tenured academics, and my 100% favorite crossdressing nouveau concrete artist---I FEEL IT FUCKING ALL.

and i feel that it feels me, too, somehow,.... likely residual transduction byproducts resulting from your animated GIF 'slow-level psychic encryption patterns and/or Google-backed LCD monitor frame-rate frequency bio-hacks.

I meant, Google closet backing. Like the Contras. I dont think Google is ready to admit that level of user desire implantation, yet.

7:45 PM  
Blogger kalinikta said...

thanx for adressing a few major isshyssss: addiction. like an exploshin. hippies. like a malignent anathema. let's go shopping! hard rock. like, so last century. were you into the mo thug family reunion? i feel like it is on the verge of being reinvented. tracks to be noted: the queen, ghetto cowboy. but, hey cleveland is the city that we come from. yeah, but the 99 was like 7-7 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bwtf, btw fuck this pop up bullshit.

9:38 AM  
Blogger Murk said...

We can handle the mean competition. Hell yeah.

Explosions, hippie-bashment, mongerererererers. You go go go.

11:40 AM  
Anonymous jan asskinson said...

yo, I am digging the popup!!! hi kalinikta! steve read your blog on my computer last week, wut up!

4:57 PM  
Blogger 893 said...

OWWWWW!! ! ! W !

These are powerful comments! Thank you internet people!!!!

As far as I know, I am not on some guns-for-hostages-esque bargain with the Googlistas, but maybe I am though.

11:58 PM  
Anonymous ducknuckle said...

Hey Mummy-man!

Been meaning to show love for the hot blog. It is what we love. Nurture the young minds and keep it the fuck up.

2:31 AM  
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