Tuesday, December 20

The home ell securities visited today, on the internetsies (pt 2)

The securities kept asking questions that I kept not being able to answer to their satisfaction.

"We know what you said. See? Look at your voiceprint:"

"We can see your audio data because it's right there. But do you know what you were saying about the OVe-NaXx podcast?"
"No, I don't."
"Really? Take another look at the voiceprint:"

"What do you expect me to say? I didn't even know Resonance FM has all those hot podcasts, and I didn't have words for what I found in the programming of the You are hear podcasts:

"I mean, OVe-NaXx is human hateit power in the flesh. On the internetsieses, I've seen his flesh and his blood. Almost a whole half-hour long mix with songs I never heard before?"
OVe-NaXx podcast for You are hear

"Ok, well then what about the free Cock Rock Disco compilation?
"Yeah, what about it? It's pretty great, especially what with that new Terminal11 track. Any opportunity to hear his drum patterning is a blessing in disguise, hateit and the disguise, in turn, is also a blessing, itself also in disguise, but this latter disguise is a curse: the curse is it is only one song. Alas! Fortunately, there is also some Polackcore by Slepcy. Listening to this complilation really warms my heart and pumps it with supernumerary horsepowers hateit. Probably I should get that diagnosed."
"May I ask you a question?"
"You may."
"Why are the securities bothering me?"
Missy Elliott - Beep me 911 (Screwed & chopped by OG Ron C
Peedi peedi & Trife da god - in the bushes
Peedi peedi - Invasion
"Well, in this post-9/11 world, we feel that we must do anything and everything that is in the Bushes' best interest, and that includes invading your earspace -- we want to know what you are listening to and what you are saying about it and to whom, because the awesome value of powerful music is well known by our leader:"

"But, why come here and visit me? You can listen to what I am listening to and read what little I have to say right here at my blog. Don't watch me, watch my blog!"

"Where do you think we are right now?"



Anonymous gin andtonicson said...


1:12 PM  
Anonymous clayton bigsby said...

& rEsonance FM recently got a 5 YEAR BROADCAST LICENSE granted, which is huge & awesome news.

11:56 AM  
Anonymous robert jaguar sonic weisz said...

hey i ordered some CDRz by that gulpepsh you mentioned awhiles back, and his shit is fairly solid. his friend DODDODO is equal amounts solid and theres their label comp which is just as tight. its got a sweet ove-naxx trak on it, too. just thought you would like to the know the physical matter states of such Japanese wonderfuls.


1:25 PM  
Blogger W.I.L.L said...

I used to engineer the You Are Hear show, and I recorded Ove Naxx. The guy is awesome on the MPC man, I'm glad you enjoy the podcasts

7:04 PM  

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