Sunday, December 18

The home ell securities visited today, on the internetsies (pt 1)

Today I replied to the the securities .

Keiji Haino and Tatsuya Yoshida - A voiceprint that longs to diplay evidence that it is over

"What we'd like to know is, what was the Fushitsusha movie you saw, and what did you say about it and to whom?"
"Um, this is the Fushitsusha video:"
Fushitsusha video (very big, yousendit link)
"But as far as what I said, I can't recall very clearly. I'm sure I told between 2 and 5 people that it was awesome, but that's about all I can remember."
"Hm. Are you certain of that?"
"Uh, I guess so, yes."
Keiji Haino and Tatsuya Yoshida - Making the excuse that "of course it is all for you"
"Ok but can you tell us what an Esraj is?"
"A what? No I'm afraid I can't."
"Can you tell us now?
"Ok yes now I can tell you what an Esraj is . It's..."

"What's the big idea with that myspace page? "
"No big idea..."
"You're damn right there better not be! Why'd you put that kind of talk up there?"
"It's... I.. Hey, I'm no threat! Just look how few friends I have. It's just for fun, it's supposed to be funny."
Milk from Cheltenham - Our Dictator
"We don't find it funny. We find it funny you find it funny."

Keiji Haino and Tatsuya Yoshida - That which is prepeared is a psychiatrist's frenzy

"May I have a glass of water? I'm very hot."

Agallah & Smooth b - Make a toast
"May I have a jacket? I'm very cold."
"That's because the iceberg is singing ."
Singing iceberg mp3
"Why aren't you listening to that right now, Mr. "Dictator"?"
"I am listening to that right now."


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