Wednesday, May 10

Prince, reduced to a symbol, invents strategies to avoid a deficit (pt 15)

"Hot damn! Get a load of deez (bargain Super Deluxe gourmet) nuts! And I never seen doze (Macadamia) Nuts in my whole life! And holy shit 52 oz of Peanuts!?!?!?!

"I need to be more people put all of that away. Say, maybe if I could have twins of myself..."

Arto Lindsay - Personagem
Arto Lindsay - Twins

But that's a lotta salt I bet."

Indeed, there is a lot of salt in a 52 oz peanut cannister

Arto Lindsay - Salt

So salty, in fact, that if you took each grain of salt and laid them out in a 1-crystal-thick straight line, and then walked to the end of the line, well, I bet you'd learn something new once you got to the end of the line!

Milky-chu - I'm walking to the old school

Burt Young, still craving some salt, wandered past Sam's weaponry section.

E-40 - Dump, bust, blast

And Burt Young already knows that feeling all too well, from before with the candy. Burt's salivator glands are making that sound they make when something becomes irresistable. Prince'll have to save him from the nuts.

Arto Lindsay - Make that sound
Prince - Irresistible bitch


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Hi Mat,
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