Thursday, March 31

Internets apocalypse


Oh my god!!! They finally broke the internet! (from the Stencil

Ok, back to the ubuweb, which I talked about yesterday. They have a section devoted to
Aspen Magazine, a late 60s multimedia magazine with a pretty awe-inspiring list of contributors. It was the source of yesterday's Lou Reed and Angus Maclise links. Here's a couple more I found after some more digging:
Radio Play - John Lennon!?!?
"Lennon attempts to extract melodies from a radio tuner, using only the volume knob."
Drift Study - LaMonte Young
With Young's accompanying text.


Oh, and I found some more breakcore sets!?!?for y'all.

Here's an especially hottttttttttt one by Terminal 11

And if you feel love for these breakcore mixes, I entreat you to buy something:
the Cock Rock Disco 2005 mix, curated by the great, great Jason Forrest aka Donna Summer, for a mere 4 bones!!! What a bargain?!?!

Additionally here's another versioning of the great Timbo beat from the Game album.
Freestyle - Chamillionaire & Rasaq Had to put another one up because the official version by Game has the paltriest-ass raps and the juxtaposition on this beat made me barf tears.

Oh, and check this, an in-depth article on the making of the best Wu- solo album Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. And on a related note, here's some GREAT NEWS(c/o Lemon-red)...

And finally, I don't care where you are, get yourself to this show. I don't care if it means a train ride, chartering a cigarette boat, hijacking a concord, or comandeering a Tie Fighter, you need to experience The Sweetheart Attack. At least go check dem boyz' mpfrees.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes the magnified termite is definately cuter than the actual size photo--which is horrifying! I had a similar infestation of ants on my computer at work. There were ants and larvae in between this busted up laptop that is connected to a monitor and a external floppy drive that was sitting on top of this laptop. There were hundreds! They set up camp over the course of a three day weekend. I guess they liked the warmth. I had to scoop them up with a file folder and put them in the garbage can, I was too afraid to vacuum them up for fear they would build there nest inside the vacuum bag instead. Can that really happen? I am equally afraid of the mole cricket that I vacuumed up. I think it was dead when I swept it up but I do not want any more of those to show up at the office. The thought of even changing the vacuum cleaner bag makes me cringe.

3:19 PM  
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