Friday, April 1

Unknown unknowns


First, we'll start our day with a banger from a fantastic citizen, Donald Rumsfield. Rummy brings the epistemological pain to all his haters. Once again we find the Game's sour-milk-stinky "Deep Off in the Game" raps completely outshone by yet another realer spitter. I promise this is the last version of this Timbo beat that I'll post up.
As we know - Donald Rumsfield


Whoo. We have a real super treat for patrons today! I have acquired an exclusive bootleg of a recent show on our Dear Leader's current tour! Seeing that the all-important youth vote is, as they say, not feeling his plan to rescue Social Security, he has decided to re-package the message in a candypaint-dripping pop rap anthem of auto-aggrandizement:
Dubya to the izzo - George W. Bush


And finally, I leave you with the 'Lil Jon remix of John Ashcroft. One might have hardly hoped that this jingoist power ballad could become any more imperially erectogenic, but the crunk king, as always, makes it look easy.
Let the Eagle Soar! - John Ashcroft ('Lil Jon remix)

Get at more remixes of Bush Administration team, past & present . There are some heaters there! Watch out especially for the reggaeton remix of "Whip it" by Alberto Gonzales.


Happy Poisson d'Avril!.

Ok, but on the real, make certain that you get to this show. Fools!


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