Monday, April 4

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Pinky Ring - UGK
Pinky Ring - UGK (Screwed & Chopped)

I want to help you appreciate the innovation of DJ Screw, the Screwing & the Chopping. Put in the work. Acquire the taste. I promise it will enrich your life. Listen to these back to back a few times. Watch out for:
1) Bun B blows a gang of gerunds in your face. Are you noticing that he's the true best rapper alive?
2) I find that listening to a screw back to back with the original almost always makes the original sound like it's in too much of a hurry.
3) The hungry stray-dog honking-ness of that 2-note motif at the end of the wah guitar part sounds even more like a honk when slower. "Wah! WUUH!"
4) Screw seems to have used a clean version of the track. Why? Fortunately, Pimp & Bun have performed the clean-up by replacing radio-unfriendly words words rather than excising them entirely (sparing us those silences that make radio and MTVJ that much harder to tolerate (hard enough already with Game, Fabolous, & Cassidy getting about 75% of the spins nowadays (does Satan control rap radio DJs & VJs?)))

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