Thursday, October 13

Dipset Detox with Michael McDonald at Epcot Center (pt 51)


"All right! I'm here to give you n'er-do-wells the bum's rush!"
"Who the fuck said that?!?!" said Michael McDonald.
Big Picture - BP010806.bgp
"It is I, The Zipcode Man! Get the picture? And I can juggle like nobody's business! To wit:"

Wow! The Zipcode Man! How does he juggle like that? I am impressed! And scared! Does he know secret Google?

"Ha! The Zipcode Man doesn't need your new-fangled, high-falutin computer styles. I'm practiced in the arts of US mail secret postal code powers! Take this, you scoundrels:"


Oh! As it says at the the Zipcode Man's talent page, he can "invent the most improbable and entertaining stories about people based on their zip codes." But what he's saying right now is even more captivating - he's telling us a story not about us, or any people, at least not directly. Instead, it's a story about zip codes, told entirely in a secret zip code code. Seriously - I'm not typing echolaliacally - it's a zip code code. Zip code after zip code after zip code.
But why is Michael McDonald smirking like that?

"HA HA... You better get the fuck up outta here with your paleologism-talking and your quaint postal powers, Mr Zipcode Man.
Yungstar, Fat Pat - Get the fuck up freestyle (screwed & chopped by DJ Screw)
Pharaoh Monche - Get the fuck up (screwed & chopped by DJ Screw)
"I certainly hope you're not the best line of defense Epcot Center has to throw at me, else I won't enjoy my revenge at all... You cannot possibly hope to compete with Michael McDonald. Your postal code style is outdated, obsolete... Watch my face's superior smirk as I spray you with my secret google internet cheat code. I'm the IP Address Man, bitch!"

Michael McDonald conjures a fine aerosol mist of IP address miasma. So much for Zipcode Man.


Blogger kalinikta said...

do you need some help from the DCE C team? i mean, on the sly. just looking out....

Creative Director
Walt Disney Imagineering
(Glendale CA)


Partners with the Disney Creative Entertainment (DCE) Creative team on all spectaculars, parades and fireworks shows for domestic and international parks. Identifies and directs qualified teams of staff and consultant artists to develop world-class entertainment experiences that reinforce the Disney brand, maintain integrity of artistic vision, deliver outstanding Guest experiences and meet operational and financial objectives.

* Oversees creative collaborators in the development of new creative projects and concepts. Oversees the development and presentation of new concepts in compelling, highly illustrative written treatments, essence drawings or other presentation vehicles when required.
* Serves as leader on all creative issues on assigned projects. Provides detailed and specific creative direction to all project team members, including artists, producers, project managers, stage managers, etc.
* Functions as the central filtering point for all creative input from project team members and other stakeholders on assigned projects. Demonstrates leadership savvy, professionalism and sensitivity in responding to input from diverse sources, including executive leaders.
* Directs and oversees the development of treatments, scripts, storyboards, scenic and costume design, music development and any other creative elements required for parades, fireworks shows as well as daytime and nighttime spectacles.
* Ensures that artistic integrity and vision are maintained throughout the production process. Serves as a creative "balancing point" when operational, financial or marketing considerations may affect creative content and direction.
* Oversees collaboration with other artists (directors, designers, etc.) on the final realization of new projects as assigned.
* Identifies and evaluates new consultant creative talent in a wide variety of disciplines (writers, directors, composers, designers, visual artists, etc.) for assignment to Creative Entertainment projects.
* Acts as the Creative resource for all Entertainment partners.
* Ensures that relationships and research, relative to the live entertainment community, are strong and current.
* Provides creative coaching, guidance and feedback to internal Disney creative staff members and consultants.

Salary: TBD

perhaps if you could get on the team, you and zipcode man could be (sigh) friends?

1:49 PM  
Blogger jayo said...

that black dice video reminded me of you...

you should make a rap video.

7:09 PM  

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