Tuesday, September 20

Dipset Detox with Michael McDonald at Epcot Center (pt 47)

Michael McDonald is very patient, but I don't know how much longer I can delay telling him why not to attack Epcot.
Terry Riley - Delay
(from Ubuweb, where they just put up two whole albums of mpfrees from Terry Riley, all of which you need need need)
I am waiting so long to make my case to Michael McDonald why he's foolish to be attacking Epcot Center. Mike is an extraordinarily patient man, but is he really that patient? And why am I taking so much time? I know what I'm going to say already. I just don't know how exactly to word it. But I don't know why I care. I already know he's so bloodthirsty and vengeful now that he's just going to try to waste Epcot Center no matter what I say. What am I saying? This is no way to think... I need to approach this problem from a positive place.
Prince - A positive place

Oh but wait Mike is such a gentleman! He says it's cool for me to take as long as I need to tell him what I need to say -- he's gonna use the internet while he waits (and you are seeing correctly -- Michael McDonald has a woodgrain laptop. Whatcha know bout that!? (and it is also true that in the picture above he is using the internet and the phone at the same time! He's reading your blog right now, and it's so boring that he needs to talk on the phone at the same time to avoid falling asleep. STIMULATE HIS MIND PEOPLE! (who's he talking to? Prince! Heaven knows what they're discussing! (actually: I have an idea. Mike keeps saying the word "inquiline" which makes me think they're talking about this. )))

Anyway, Mike asked me to tell you about some of the awesome stuff he's been looking at on the internet:
-First and foremost, Michael McDonald wants everybody to know about an important piece of historical fiction, documenting the important musical movement he spearheaded, Yacht Rock. In these short internet movies, you will learn about such musical luminaries as Kenny Loggins, Hall, Oates, the guy from Journey, and of course the most luminescent, Michael McDonald himself. Mike wants to make sure people understand though: these movies give the false impression Mike was carrying weed for Loggins. In actuality, this was not the case. Let's just say that in their creative relationship, Loggins wore the pants. That is, the pants with the trees in the pockets. Mike's pockets: tree-free. (Mike heard about these important internet movies here)

-Mike also wants you to take advantage of two scintilllating internet breakcore compilations, both freely downloadable. One is from straight outta China, from Netwav Records. It features tracks from many of Mike's favorite computer producers, including Jason Forrest, Bong Ra, and Cardopusher, and his new favorite Chinese producer:
Panda Twin - Jazz Princess and Spirit
The other aforementioned breakcore comp is from Chicago, from an organization called Couch fort records, and the comp is called No time for love. It has Mochipet and Terminal11 on it. To show you how good it is, it made Mike do this:

-Also: most importantly, you need to go to the Wayne & Wax, where Wayne has furnished the internet with a link to a movie of a panel discussion between George Clinton and Hank Shocklee. And then, once you've watched the movie go back to Wayne for his deep analysis which mixes a fanboy's enthusiasm with a scholar's erudition and a really really really smart dude's smarts.

-Also also also: BE SAFE SOUTH TEXAS!
Bun B - South Texas


Anonymous robert merriweather said...

hot post dude. that terry riley site is crucial, and that yacht rock shith is hilarious. is that bun b track off the new album?

4:58 PM  
Blogger 893 said...

The Bun B is off a 3CD mixtape by a DJ called King James called Underground King. It compiles a lot of his features from over a long time, and some other stuff that maybe are solo mixtape tracks. I dunno. It's possible this one is from the album, but I doubt it, because using such a blatant Stevie Wonder loop on an aboveground album nowadays would be quite costly.
Also: seems to me you did put your foot in your mouth dude (I liked her review, even though it was wierd, I think your criticisms are offbase)! I'm glad to see you can admit it! Internets drama!
Also: the Banner album is not as bad as you think it is. Wait'll you hear the screw before you pass verdict! ALthough I agree that rapmetal track is totally barfadelic!

6:11 PM  

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