Tuesday, September 20

Dipset Detox with Michael McDonald at Epcot Center (pt 46)

Michael McDonald is still waiting for me to tell him what I want to tell him about his imminent attack on Epcot Center. Time is passing. I hear the sound of the tick, I hear the sound of the tock, I hear the sound of the clock, as I am sitting here and not telling Michael McDonald why he shouldn't attack Epcot center.

Juelz - It's like clockwork
Juelz & Young Jeezy - Crack

And you know, Michael McDonald is just sitting there waiting, as patient as a lamb. I have to give him credit here. Bloodthirsty as he is right now, he's still waiting for me to say what I have to say. Michael McDonald: a consummate gentleman.

It's hard telling Mike what I have to tell him about Epcot Center. Right now I wish we had just gone to Bonbonland, the surreally vulgar Danish theme park. There, instead of nearly getting blasted to death by an animatronic replica of Michael Mcdonald, I could've just laughed at awesome stuff like this picture of a tweaked-out seagull pooping into an alligator's eager mouth:
Oh well, live & learn I guess.


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