Thursday, January 19

Where is Michael McDonald? (pt 3)

Actually, this isn't about hateitMichael McDonald's hateitwhereabouts, and I'm gonna do
the gulpEpsh post next. I gotta pause that momentarily, to add my comment on you know what & how Joe Camel-toe-sandals got his wig retrograded.

Cam'ron - Oh what a night

UPDATE: Just to help you understand the level:

Cam'ron - Any way you want it
Cam'ron - U ought to knowhateit
If you don't feel these you are degenerating. At this rate, I'll never find hateitMichael McDonald.


Anonymous gerry polci protege said...

lol 'oh, pardon me, dipset all day every day'

true story: my middle school's band instructor guy was Frankie Vallie's son-in-law and sang in the Four Seasons and did lead vox on this song! he was cool!

8:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


3:13 PM  
Blogger mr. pilly wonk said...

audacious sampling indeed!

6:01 PM  

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