Tuesday, July 4

USA. A muscular nation with muscular oldschool rap mixes by latent superproducers and the animals that remind you

USA today! Please don't blast me with a firecracker!

Dr Dre - U got ganked side A
Dr Dre - U got ganked side B

Here are some RapidShare links containing a mix Dre made back before NWA. Kane, Doug E., Lyte, BDP, EPMD, Salt -n- Pepa, etc. Lots of fast crossfading. A few bars here and there from the young D-R-E, including a shout to Steve Yano, the record dealer at the Roadium swap met who introduced Dre to Eazy, the story of which is told real well here. A valiant effort at a tracklist is at the bottom of this webpage.

USA, how can we content ourselves to merely paint pictures of flags upon the faces of the bald eagles? Can we not embroider together many flag-faced eagle faces and emblazon them upon my face? Can we use microchips also, and can the faces be a holograph?


Blogger Marisa Olson said...

woah. eagle eyyyyyyyezzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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