Thursday, April 7

in the middle of reality I solved mystery's riddle


To those who already knew, all I can say is I'm sorry I'm just now figuring out that UGK are the best. All I can do now as recompense for my slow learning is post up this:
Wood wheel - UGK">

And transcribe Bun B's first verse... Apologies if I misheard anything:

ho smoke
po joke
conservative liberal
left wing slangin
right wing hangin
in criminal court or civil
in the middle
of reality I solved mystery's riddle
knockin over fatcats and gettin my dogs some bits and kibbles
on notepads I scribble
write rippers that'll make you think
that's so hard it'll break your sync-
ronicity fuck it take a drink
I fake a blink
and poof we disappear into a shroud of doja's
cloud composures
all nighters like folger's
but bitch I tried to told ya

I also saw an amazing movie last nite. You better queue that!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll have to check that film out . . .

1:42 PM  
Anonymous The Legend said...

Is that a Betty Davis sample from "Big Freak" -- the same one Ice Cube used?

1:44 AM  
Anonymous mrpatch said...

If you like the film you should read the books. It is a very long book but is mostly pictures. I borrowed them from thorsten once, but you will need to find another souce

9:52 AM  
Anonymous mr p said...

does anyone else fin the N Judah kind of reminds them of the Ohmu or whatever it was called. I always felt very sad for the N Judah after reading that book

10:00 AM  

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