Monday, August 15

Dipset Detox with Michael McDonald at Epcot Center (pt 36)

"Michael McDonald, I'm not sure I'm down with having you scan my brain so that you can make an invincible weaponized secret Google internet cheat code."
Chamillionaire - Down & Out Freestyle
Fat Pat - It's Going Down (screwed by Dj Screw)
"Maaan! Where's your scientific curiosity? Where's your sense of adventure? Where's your justifiable outrage at Epcot's Imagineers for sending ninjas dressed as girls who were dressed as prisoners but not wearing pants fool me into blasting my skull?! And also, how bout when they sent an animatronic cyborg disguised as me to blast you with lasers!? AND, did you forget that they plan to replace everybody in the human race with animatronic replicas? Really, how could you not want me to scan your brain right now? Get into this fMRI scanner, so I can use the blood oxygen level-dependent (BOLD) contrast mechanism to scan your brain for the reasons why you don't want to let me scan your brain! And also so I can make the tuffest secret Google cheat code yet!"
Hmm. I guess I will never really know why I don't want to have my brain scanned until somebody scans my brain for metabolic signals that accompany my brain's representation of my hesitancy to have my brain scanned. Maybe Michael McDonald isn't qualified to operate a machine that can acquire these signals in my brain, and maybe he doesn't know how to interpret those signals correctly, but then again he knows a lot of secret Google, so maybe it'll be OK... Guess I won't know unless I try!

"Actually, you're not moving the way you're supposed to. I can't scan your brain properly if you move that way!"
The Homosexuals - You're not moving the way you're supposed to.
"Oh sorry!" I replied, "How's this?"
"WHOA! Slow down, potna! That's not the right way to move!"
The Homosexuals - You're not moving the way you're supposed to (pt 2)
"How the hell am I going to scan your brain if you move all fast and burst into a psychedelic color pattern? Don't you know anything about magnetism? I just meant that you should go head first. Now re-enter the scanner the right way!"

The Homosexuals - Re-entry
"Yeah, now we can scan that brain and make that secret Google!"
(Do you know about the Homosexuals? They are the greatest band of all times! Go look at web pages about them:
Jamming magazine


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