Thursday, September 1

Dipset Detox with Michael McDonald at Epcot Center (pt 39)

"I've created an invincible cheat code! Revenge on the Epcot Imagineers will soon be mine! MOOHAHAHAHHAHAHAAA!"Michael McDonald cackled.
R Kelly - Trapped in the closet all at once (Michael McDonald's invincible secret Google cheat code remix)
I don't think this cheat code is invincible, do you? I think Epcot's imagineers are really going to clobber Michael McDonald if he tries to go at them again. Mike needs to get real.
Pimp C, C-Bo, and La Boo - Get Real
Pimp C, C-Bo, and La Boo
- Get Real (screwed & chopped by OG Ron C)


This is really hard for me. On one hand, I understand why Michael McDonald wants to exact revenge on Epcot's Imagineers. When I was drunk and suffering through Dipset withdrawal, the imagineers sent an animatronic cyborg disguised as Michael McDonald to blast me with lasers. They sent ninjas dressed as girls who were dressed as prisoners but not wearing pants to hit on Michael McDonald, and they tricked him into blasting his brain with a powerful magnet, which temporarily put him in a wheelchair, because the brain trauma temporarily gave him 4 supernumerary phantom limbs. Also,
the imagineers plan to replace everybody in the human race with animatronic replicas, which Mike claims to want to stop. But even though I can see where Mike is coming from, I still wish he would just let it go. I don't even blame the imagineers for attacking us. After all, we were tresspassing on their theme park. And, so what if they replace people with animatronic replicas? Maybe it will be for the better! Most of all, though, I'm worried that the imagineers are just going to fuck him up again. Maybe this time it will be for keeps.
Ok... I've gotta just do this. I've gotta convince Mike not to attack Epcot Center.... I'm so nervous! What will I say? Breathe deeply. I need to meditate or something.
I've just gotta clear my mind. Preparing some stiff lecture will never convince him... It's gotta be spur of the moment.
Les Mogol - To a clear mind
Dj Quik ft Ludacris - Spur of the moment


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this shit blows my mind, everytime.

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Good post. Just passing through, cool blog by the way.

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i love you

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