Friday, October 14

Dipset Detox with Michael McDonald at Epcot Center (pt 52)

M.O.P. ft Jay-z - Put it in the air

"Hey, Mike, look up in the air! Why have so many pictures of Figment the dragon been put in the air above Epcot? "
"The imagineers are sending us a signal. Those pictures of Figment are pointing the way to the Imagineers' lair."
"Where are the pictures pointing?"
"I'm not sure. Let's look at the map."hateit

"Those pictures of figment are pointing at The Journey into Imagination. Hmm. I guess that's a natural place for the imagineers to hole up. The Journey into Imagination must have some hidden levels. Let's go!"

Look who's standing outside The Journey into Imagination! It's the real Figment!

"Ha. Nice suit of armor, Figment. What are you gonna do, joust me out of Epcot Center?"
Michael McDonald's taunts draw no reaction from Figment. He's just standing there, solemnly.
"Figment, don't play around with me. I have no qualms against fucking you up, you adorable little purple dragon you. I'm serious!"
Still no response.
"Mike, don't you see? Look at the sadness, and the sympathy in his eyes! He's trying to warn us not to go in there. He's trying to tell us we have no chance. We still have a chance to stop this madness, Mike. Let's turn back now while we still can. Thank you Figment, I appreciate what you're trying to do."
DeLucia, McLaughlin, and DiMeola - Guardian Angel

"Man, fuck all that," says Michael McDonald as he charges into The Journey into Imagination. I obviously have no choice but to follow. Thanks for trying, Figment!

Whoa, there's the dreamfinder:hateit

He's the host of The Journey into Imagination. Why does he look so menacing right now?
What is the dreamfinder driving?
And what is that smooth stylish sound coming out of that big-ass speaker?
The Dreamfinder speaks to us: "Oh that? The sound you are hearing is '9 Beet Stretch,' a highly conceptual art piece in which Beethoven's 9th Symphony has been timestretched to last 24 hours, with no pitch distortions. Listen to it some more."
"Wow", I said, "Conceptual art pieces usually suck. They almost never get executed this well. This. is. so. pretty."
"Yes," says the Dreamfinder, "and you can download the entire piece, chopped up into ~1.5 hr-long morsels, for free over here."
"Jeez. Between all the screwing and un-screwing and now this, I wonder if in a few years people will stop listening to music at normal speed altogether!"
Mike likes it too! He seems to be temporarily distracted from revenge.
(heard about the Beethoven thing here )


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