Wednesday, November 16

Dipset Detox with Michael McDonald at Epcot Center (pt 62)

Yes, the imagineers have a lot of moves. But that's not why Michael McDonald is going to lose this fight I think.


The superiority of the Epcot Center imagineers over Michael McDonald derives not so much from their moves per se, but to a rather greater degree from their presence. It's hard to explain it really in a blog on the computer website -- I can't get at enough of your senses to transmit the necessary data to you. You kind of have to be here. Or maybe if you had smell tones installed on your browser. And if my blog was less flat.

P-model - 2D or not 2D

Meanwhile, Michael McDonald is preparing to unleash his self-proclaimed invincible secret Google cheat code secret remix as a countermeasure against the imagineers' onslaught. He is carefully adjusting the equalization and balance on, and generally just being all fastidious and careful with, his boombox.

Even though Michael McDonald used BOLD signals from my brain to make this remix of Michael Burncopy's remix of the first 5 of R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet" videos hateit (the construction of which remix I described here), I have little faith that this remix is in fact invincible. I mean, it sounds so shitty. I don't see why Michael McDonald is being so careful with the knobs on his boombox just to play his crappy, so-not-invincible remix.

"Buddy, that's 'cause you just don't get it. My remix is an invincible soundwavehateit, but only for a very narrow range of playback conditions. With a noisy signal like my invincible remix, where the noise is an important part of the signal the acoustics have to be just right. It's not like attracting customers with a neon sign or something, buddy!"
Nerve Net Noise - Neon
"Look, buddy, just accept that my secret Google is over your head and just watch my invincible remix slaughter the imagineers, and then write about it on your blog so that the whole internet will know. Don't sweat the technical details. Because at the end of the day it's all about having some fun, jamming my remix tape with a boombox hateit. That and killing the imagineers."
X Japan - I'll Kill you
Gangsta Boo ft DJ Paul - Hard not 2 kill

hateit "HERE GOES, BUDDY!!"
R Kelly - Trapped in the closet all at once (Michael McDonald's invincible secret Google cheat code remix)
Well, I guess we'll see if this is really an invincible remix.


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