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Where is Michael McDonald? (pt 4)

Pardon me. hateithateit
Temporarily, I got distracted from the task at hand: locating Michael McDonald and checking up on whether he's Ok.

I got the notion that the artist known as gulpEpsh (etc.; see below) might be worth checking into when I saw his website (UPDATE: which he made in collaboration with Catchpulse), which I feel should be #1 on everybody's best of the internet list.

Then when I found out he was responsible for the following track (previously posted by the tri-styli'd super-sleuth J. Clayton) I became convinced that gulpEpsh might have power enough to reveal Michael McDonald's location:
gulpass gulpass lululu - don't know track name

Gulpass gulpass lululu is another of his AKAs. He was kind enough to share with me a list (presumably incomplete):

"I have a lot of names. For example...
DJ bOOth,gulpass vegass gulpassion,gulpass gulpass gulpass,

I bought several CD-r's from gulpEpsh, from which I'd like to share a couple mpfrees. Suffice it to say that this particular consumer choice yielded more power than for which I would have even dared to hope.

gulpEpsh - don't know track title (from the CD-r ccppgg)
This track came from one of the pair of CD-r's being morphed back and forth in the gifford below:

They really look like this. Both CD-rs came in colorful cases (pink & yellow), both depict a hooded figure with an inverted triangle face (the triangle the same color as the case), and both depict the same string of consonants, with the one running in the reverse direction of the other.

gulpEpsh also included in the package he sent me several small scraps of paper onto both sides of which he'd drawn, which I have giffordized.

This one has a lil triangle face person with a talking microphone:

These 2 giffords originated in the different sides of the same paper scrap.

Also I boought 2 cds from an entity called Gellov qllo, described by gulpEpsh as "OVe-NaXx ± gulpEpsh" ) - OVe-NaXx AKA Human power in the flesh. Dunno if this next mpfree is a +OVe-NaXx or a -OVe-NaXx track, but it showcases the gulpEpsh beatboxing style quite well as well as some nice bass throbbing.

Gellov qllo - track name also unknown (from a CD-r onto which the string "movo" is written)

This is my favorite drawing that he sent. It has what I believe to be, based on beak morphology, a beret-wearing pelican whose beak connects to the dripping nib of a fountain pen. And it's below the Coco Channell logo.

You can buy some CD-r's from gulpEpsh too. If his website is offering his music on sale, it is not apparent to my monolinguistic ass. But you can buy shirts there. And you can buy CD-rs by emailing him. Here's the list of buyable CD-r's he gave me:

"▼ggppcc ( solo works ) /$15
▼ccppgg ( solo works ) /$15

gellov qllo 1( OVe-NaXx ± gulpEpsh ) /$8
gellov qllo 2( OVe-NaXx ± gulpEpsh ) /$10
▼DXNKIN' DONUTS ( FRX ± gulpEpsh ) /$10
▼A(B) ( NANI ( ZUINOSIN ) ± gulpEpsh ) /$10

▼MIDI_sai ( our party ) compilation ( theme:gabba ) /$25
-include:TOE CUTTER, DJ Rainbow Ejaculation, HARD OFF,
DODDODO, OVe-NaXx, KA4U, gllp ( mine ), UNURAMENURA etc..."

I bought the 1st 4 on the list and they are fantastic. Email him at gulpepsh at hotmail dot com, and tell him what you want to order. You can paypal the money to his girlfriend Doddodo.
Here is a picture of the two of them barfing together:

Hopefully this will empower me enough to find Michael McDonald, because if not I may need to get some outside assistance.


Anonymous catchpulse said...

My name is catchpulse.
I took charge of the effect of ggppcc & ccppgg.
I make gulpEpsh website with gulpEpsh.
I am usually making the movie.
My website is TV site.
I made DVD of gulpEpsh recently.

3:21 AM  
Blogger Marisa Olson said...

the picture above confuses me. it is colorful. alright. but it is not moving. is that why they were sick? because the ride stopped? don't stop till you get enuff!

3:25 PM  
Blogger 893 said...

Hello Catchpulse! I have amended the post to acknowledge your role in the best website on the internet.

Hello Marisa! Good question -- we may never know why gulpEpsh and dododdo are barfing so colorfully in the picture above. My hypothesis is that they are re-enacting the following line from the Cam'ron track with the Journey sample, which adresses the colorful barf issue:

"Regurgitating/green,yellow,burgundy,boom/what came an urgency soon? (what?)/ the emergency room."

3:48 PM  
Blogger Eden said...

Hi there! My name is Michael. I was looking for a song that I heard once a long, long time ago. Perhaps in the late 80s I guess. Anywho, it goes "One, two, three, shine your light on me. I've seen your magic, you're right where I wanna be."

That's all the lyrics I can remember and googling that much doesn't result much. Except it did lead me to your blog (because of the title). I was hoping that you'd know who the artist was or the song's title since you used it. Prolly a longshot, but I thought I'd try.

Thanks so much!

12:53 AM  
Anonymous Michael McDonald said...

Eden I believe the track you want is "sweet freedom" by me.

9:27 AM  
Anonymous bobweisz said...

those gulpepsh cdr'z r indeed awesome, i also recccommend doddodo's shitt, not as much beatboxin but still good doses of japanectronixx - also hecka tight stapled-vinyl/sewn-satin packaging

4:09 PM  
Blogger Minikomi said...

893! im going to upload the doddodo set from when those cats played around my endz tonight just for you because of this wonderful post!

interesting fact: gulpepsh loves equilateral triangles, and his tour photo diary consists of simply photos of triangles he's found in each town. rad!

i'll also put up the gulpepsh one but it doesnt sound 'right'... the recording really doesnt capture the live experience.

hold tight gifmaster

12:15 AM  
Blogger Minikomi said...

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8:53 AM  
Blogger Minikomi said...


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