Thursday, January 26

Where is Michael McDonald? (pt 5)

On a message board, someone suggested I could find hateitMichael McDonald hateitat the top of this hill. But he wasn't there. I would express my frustration with an emoticon, if emoting with punctation symbols was still legal.

But then, on the internet, I found these:

L. Voag - Kitchen
The Just Measurers - New Yerk (The Big Time)
they come from a new mpfree-album blog called Insect & Individual, which posts "kraut, prog, free jazz, avant, diy punk, and uncategorizable recordings". I.e., superior product! &, I & I just posted 2 full albums from former members of The Homosexuals, the most powpowererful guitar band in the history of my listening history of guitar bands, from which the mpfrees above come. GET EM!

Also! Check out Wayne's 'Crunk Geneaology' mix, in which he traces the lineage of the post-Bambaataa/Kraftwerk sound. Wayne put this mix together to kick off his electrical music class which I implore you to take if you are anywhere near Boston or the internet. I made some giffords for the course's website because Wayne asked me to and because I wanted to give some Hahvahd smaht kids some seizyahs and also because my internet intuition told me that the internet needed some pictures of Karheinz Stockhausen's head changing color very rapidly.

Hey! Speaking of the internet, I just remembered! Over at a webpage called Abe & Mo sing the blogs, where Abe & Mo sing the words of blog posts, there's an mpfree of Mo singing the words to one of my blog posts about Michael McDonald! I wonder if her singing could be hiding a clue about Michael McDonald?!!!?


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