Thursday, June 14

I found Michael McDonald (pt 6)

Prince - Guitar
I don't know about Dr. Jacoby & if he has a threapeutic strategy for me with his ovipostulate oviposse, which is replication of Satan's #1 Sadist.

An aside about streamy mediums. Not that they're not good, but I tend not to want to sit in one place long enough to listen to the entirety of a DJ /mix off its streaming. WFMU, whom which is only streaming these (/Rupture's shows, you all already know) now, and I know I would prefer a mpfree of same. So probably so would you so I used massmirror:

Mudd Up 060713 (w/ Shackleton)
Mudd Up 060706 (w/ Drop the Lime)

That way z shares rabbit chers. Besides, I also did so for Steinski's new WFMU show, which features some stocksound soundtracking
Rough Mix 0607

(I used this guy's instruction of Audacity for unstreaming. But I think there must be something better? Is there?)

Ah shit you know don't you hate the internet? Ha me neither too! But what is it say about Michael McDonald's placement in this assisted living facility? Has he been in the swimming room this whole time? Watching? Is Dr. Jacoby's whole egg not a strategy for me, but one for Michael McDonald', in which I lose face? Why I lose face? EGG FACE LOSE FACE?

Keak da Sneak - What you sayin?
Keak da Sneak - What yo name foo'

What else what else? As various other internet already have, please: don't miss. He is risking with the singing and the drug talk, but overall, he's still ok. I feel like there is a Dorian Grey thing going on with him & Juelz? Juelz is the portrait? I.e., getting old. I.e., I feel that i will feel one of the two faces moreso.

Lil Wayne = I'm a beast

& I am still swimming the butterflee stroke!

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Still one of the best sites out there.

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