Tuesday, May 22

I found Michael McDonald (pt 4)

"Why is the swimming room full of smoke?"
R. Kelly - Leave your name (R. Kelly secret vocal-codes (T-pain=good influence))
R. Kelly ft Swizz Beatz - The Champ (I endorse the drums)

"The smoke is for air flow visualization," answered Dr. Jacoby, "Let's just say that in this assisted living facility, we wanna know to where and from where the air is going. Really, we need to know where."
Dr. Jacoby had led me to the swimming room, where I expected he & I to have a serious talk about Michael McDonald, vis a vis what help strategy Dr. Jacoby was using, and with what (i.e., for what) Michael McDonald was getting help.

Instead, he started guilt-tripping about how I shouldn't still listen to Cam'ron music. Cam'ron doesn't let other Dipset be on shirts. Cam'ron is a bad influence on children, Abu Gonzales, Andy Cooper.... Cam'ron has an assymetric face.
Cam'ron recurrently raps about dispensing his germline upon women (e.g., "/four minutes they gon lick my kids"). For every time such a distasteful poetic device has crossed my iPod, ever, Dr. Jacoby, in protest, threatened to enter an human oocyte into his ear and exit it from his mouth.

And then he delivered on that threat for a long time.
"That is not a human oocyte, Jacoby. Way too big."
Obviously, right? Still Jacoby was ovipostulating eggs pretend-eggs through his head. Ear to mouth, ear to mouth. Later, he started pulling the eggs out of his eye sockets, but I don't dare gifford that. Gross!
Aaliyah - At your best (you are love) (Soooo good in the ATL soundtrack (but did New New really go from TI -> Turtle? (is this not the full spectrum of dudes' quality?)))
Monoton - Soundtrack

While Dr. Jacoby was doing that, I will swim laps in the pool, smoke or no. As a youth, I was hella good at butterfly. I hope after I get this workout that we will talk about Michael McDonald.

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Always awesome, that that is UMC.

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