Tuesday, January 30

Star Wars Hairstyle Kujichagulia (pt 19)

Ciara - Promise (screwed & chopped by DJ Michael Watts)
Ciara ft R Kelly - Promise (screwed & chopped by DJ Michael Watts)
Young Jeezy ft R Kelly - Go getta (screwed & chopped by DJ Michael Watts)

Princess Leia Hairstyle promised:
"I PROMISE that I will make you understand why we need to go get Chewbacca for our ultimate Hairstyle Kujichagulia.

(I promise that you also ought to channel the Claire Chanel triple-slow-screw Promise)
Cam'ron - Dead the funeral

I also promise that I will deaden your doubts about whether
  • CHEWBACCA is bald
  • I can find CHEWBACCA in spite of he's bald
  • I can regrow all his hairs.
I promise. Lemme just show you this powerpoint presentation real quick. If I can just figure out how to get powerpoint to talk to this projector. Umm. Just a minute. Uhh. Is it on? I think it's on. I think I have to change the settings on the computer. Ah, there it goes. SHIT. There it doesn't go. SHIT. I PROMISE, this is such a good powerpoint... AH is that it? SHIT. NO. Do I have to change the setting? Does anybody know how to change the setting? Or what setting I need to change? Does anybody? "

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