Wednesday, March 15

Prince, reduced to a symbol, invents strategies to avoid a deficit (pt 5)

The door man is giving Burt Young's phony Sam's Club membership card a pretty hard scan!!

"SHIT! Maybe I shouldn't'a betatested for Prince! This scrutiny is a no can do! NO CAN DO!"
Keak Da Sneak ft Frank Sticks - Super Hyphy (Traxamillion remix)
Keak Da Sneak - No Can Do (produced by Batkave)
(I don't think it was, but sorry if this specific remix was already posted at Beautiful Hustle, Get Stoopid (Jayo come back please the internet needs you, especially since I'm about to move away from Big Von's broadcast range), or at Dukes of Thizzard. Also Batkave have(has?) a a nice website. I'd also like to honor the inaudible vibrato of this remix, in honor of Lack (Wrack?) history month, although possibly an ill-advised declaration of honor since it localizes, after all, to one of my more prominent phonemic blindspots.)

But just in the knick of time, Prince's voice swooped from the forgery, and the door man got off Burt Young's case!

Prince - Gett Off (Flutestramental mix)
Prince - Batdance (The Batmix)

(See also:
Youtubular little
BatDance video and snippet from the PartyMan recording session. Also maybe if you've not you oughtta've seen Prince's gentle weeping strategy (incidentally, Tom Petty makes me weep violently. Like in Kill Bill.)

"The coast is clear, Burt. Now gett back to betatesting and go gett those Sam's Club savings!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i don't know if it's just cos it's Prince but a couple of these giffrds are beautiful!

4:41 PM  
Blogger 893 said...

It's because his name is Prince!

6:28 PM  
Blogger dean said...

yeah yeah yeah yeah yaah

who are you??? do you wanna go see the rollerskating golden gate park dudes with andrew and me?

8:19 PM  

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