Wednesday, April 13

Hand over your money, your phone, and your Pokemon cards


Do you believe that your new favorite grime MC could possibly be depicted above?

Clicking is believing:
Kidz - Plan B
I got this track and learned about it here & here


And, accompanied by the scintillating cover art above and the heart-stopping title, "Untilted", is the new album from Autechre. I am liking the album a lot so far, despite them not really flipping the formulae too much. To me it sounds more like my favorite of their albums, LP5, in that it has their always top-knotch sound design, advanced a couple levels since the last ones, encased within a rhythmic structure that usually sits comfortably just beyond the threshold of what I can nod my head to. This particular formula has been the most successful for me. Here's my favorite track so far:
Ipacial section -Autechre
Awesome plinky thing, spring reverb-ish sound, ultra-drifty synth - a winner!

Here's an interview of 1/2 of Autechre by 1/2 of Matmos, on pitchfork of all places!?!? Anyways, y'all who know what a dork I am will know that the two of these dudes talking is enough to get me "All de time cahming" like y'all-know-who:


Ha ha. And speaking of pitchfork, look who they're sweating now. Dag! What those fools doing legitimizing all my favorite shit? I've been sweating Bun since before it was cool. Like at least 4 months!

Ah, but speaking of a url for which I venerate for real:
Lemon-Red has an outstanding file posted up at the moment: a ~45 min excerpt from DJ Michael Watts Swisha House radio show! With a bunch of my favorite tracks screwed! Go to his site and download that now (lemme know if he takes it down and I'll put it up on yousendit)! I'd like to call your attention to:
1) how big that Sittin Sideways bass line sounds when screwed
2) the voice of third MC on the 2nd track fills me with a feeling of well-being. does it do the same for you? That voice belongs to Fat Pat, R.I.P. I'll post something by him up here soon.
3) CANDYCANDY candycandy poppinpoppin jamminjammin
4) Not to get all pundit on y'all, but as far as I'm concerned Chamillionaire has successfully rid Mike Jones of all his credibility. Thus it's a good thing Watts puts KERRR-AAAZEE slow-down, rewinds, scratches, and unusually fast chops on it, cuz otherwise I don't want to hear this dumbass. Although "A couple o' them said I was cute but I was just too chubby/ A year later, same size, the same girls wanna love me" does help his case a little.
5) That Austin Powers Luda track really didn't need any help, but Watts has elevated it into the damn pantheon.... Aww man. He just chops the bejezzus outta that hook.... OWWW.


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