Saturday, October 15

Dipset Detox with Michael McDonald at Epcot Center (pt 53)

Michael McDonald's head is spinning and he is beside himself. His mind is overwhelmed by this 24-hr long timestretched version of Beethoven's 9th
Mike says: "This piece definitely shouldn't be this cool.
If you had told me that I could download all 24 hours of the piece, in 1.5 hr long increments, I would be l be like: fuck that, I'm not downloading any of them, I only have so much space on my harddrive and I can't be wasting it on bullshit like this. Even if one of the segments happened to be less insanely long, like 15 minutes long:
Beethoven's 9th, 1st Movement, section 5 I would be leery of fucking with it-- why take the risk?

Technically speaking, it should sound bad. No way should granular synthesis be able provide such a seemless time-stretch... And yet it does! But, more importantly, who gives a fuck about Beethoven? If you had the software to do a smooth 24X timestretch, wouldn't you rather use it on some cooler source material, like for example something with awesome guitar sound? E. g.:
8Ball & Bun B - Ball & Bun
My Bloody Valentine - I Believe
or, better yet, why not prolong a wide-ranging DJ Mix that single-handedly (or should that be single-mixedly (or perhaps triple-turntabledly?)?) establishes the DJ mix's capacity for emergence?

But rarely has skepticism about a musical piece been so decisively refuted by listening to it. I would recommend that everybody on the internet download all 24 hours of this piece. I agree with Sono Loco on what he says in his review:

'Leif Inge of Norway has managed to surprise me beyond reason and beyond oblivion, punched me in my dumbstruck musical face, widened my frames of reference by several unnamed entities of space and rendered me days and days of meditation and eerie insights into my spirit… The wonder of it is that he does not land in some caricature of the symphony, but rather has managed to lift the essence of this music into new heights of beauty…I am not fully aware of the technical properties of the software Leif Inge has utilized for this tedious process, but it has got to be quite superior to anything I have tried, because a trait which has been hard to get by for me when I’ve tampered with stretching of sound is a certain distortion, grainification and loss of edge, while Leif Inge has managed to retain all of the original beauty of tone and pitch and timbre, simply letting it flow in a nameless timelessness, like the feeling of sunlight on your skin a perfect day of high summer at the sea… and a possibly unforeseen dividend of this is the auditive insights in to the micro shapes of sound, as you readily discover small, minute, short events inside these incredible stretches, in a sounding world opening up to the naked ear, revealing constituencies of sound hitherto – as least by me – not fully understood, and it must be like boring down into the core of matter with scanning electron microscopes, having world after nano world opening up their incredible riches to the mind of man, as elementary particles turn out not to be elementary particles at all, but full to the rim of other, yet smaller worlds, in an infinite succession of worlds of splendor… and this is felt all through your anatomy in this 24 hour 9BeetStretch by Leif Inge and its rays from the heart of matter, from the heart of spirit…'"

WOW! Michael McDonald hasn't said anything about destroying Epcot Center this whole time! Has this timestretched Beethoven thing been awesome enough to cure his bloodlust? Can we leave Epcot peacably, without a conclusive bodyslam showdown between Michael McDonald and Epcot's imagineers? Let's hope so!



Blogger jayo said...

most fathomable dipset detox EVER.

4:07 PM  
Blogger 893 said...

OH SHIT! I'm slippin

4:48 PM  
Blogger wayne&wax said...

and, not to nitpick, but i think gold-teeth was "triple-turntabledly" executed.

10:25 AM  
Blogger 893 said...

thanks Wayne! duly corrected

3:30 PM  

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