Friday, June 22

I found Michael McDonald (pt 8)

"I tell you. Michael McDonald was always here."

Alvin Lucier - Ever present
Mavado - Heart beat (1st good power ballad of the 21st century)

"Michael McDonaldis always here? Ok I get it:
You mean Michael McDonald is always here, on the internet, because all internet has always been here, so... we don't make the internet,we just find it, here, and Michael McDonald is here. That's a fascinating theory what do you call this theory I think you should call it the theory of interneternity! I am totally going to use that theory but don't worry I will always act like I acknowledge your paternity, Dr. Jacoby."

"Interneteternal paternal schmaternal, whatever!" Jacoby denied paternity and pertinence of the theory, "It's not that! It's not that theory. It's nothing to do with a theory. This is is serious! No I mean we came into the swiming room and Michael McDonaldwas here ever since always, ever since I was laying finger roll egg layups through my head. He had to be here because I laid those cranial ovipostulates to make you lose face and discredit your blog."
"But why?"
"You are too influential. Your blog is too influential, and that's dangerous, especially for readers who've been through what Mike's been through. After the Epcot Imagineers made him do all those self-negating dances, he was feeling really weak and he went into hiding. He felt so bad that he was reading about himself on the internet, and he read some thing you wrote about his voice on your blog. I guess your description really felt like it would be better than reality, so he deluded his real voice. You influenced Mike to think he's a wookie. I brought him here to my assisted living facility to help him, and nothing I've tried has worked so far, including making you lose face to the point where reading your blog would'nt make him talk like a hairy man. And that doesn't seem to have worked either but it's really all your fault."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i copy pasted your text in a flarv log, if you mind i will take it out


will still love your blog


4:53 PM  
Blogger scotty said...

i have copie pasted your text into my flarv log. if you mind i will delete it and still love your blog


4:55 PM  
Blogger scotty said...

that's twice

i thougt the first one didn't come through

this is three


4:57 PM  
Blogger scotty said...


forgot the link

i am really nt trying to reply a lot

but i do feel obliged to be as complete as possible


4:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

R. Kelly & Japanese psyche?

That killed.

Movado & Alvin Lucier with those / these graphics...

This KILLING is powerful stuff

1:28 PM  
Blogger johnnn said...

these giffords are particularly stunning

1:33 PM  

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