Friday, April 15

5 o'clock but I stopped at 4:59


Citizenship is being exemplified by DJ Benzi, who has an incredible Pharrell, Sleepy Brown, & Big Boi track -- a sparkling miscegenation of Steely Dan-esque-ness and Dirty South. There's also a hot Fat Crack track, and a really high rez shot of Lucy Lu's nipple, and other things of that nature... Yeah...

Here's a hot mix entitled "Atownshakedown"(tracklist) by this gentleman, Minikomi, who here is styling quite enjoyably. Quite!


And, here's some Houston shit, by Chamillionaire's brother, Thundacat, whose mixtape was posted in its entirety at Govt Names, some time ago. The whole thing is great, but I hadda highlight this here cuz of those bozzonkers bongoes. Bongos?

Finally, I propose we Americans surrender our global hegemony. How bout if Japanese folks get a shot bein the boss? After all, they did produce the following incredible video (click the pic):

Would you like some more?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey john thanks a lot! Big ups!

3:11 AM  
Blogger 893 said...

My pleasure baby!

11:12 PM  

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